Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Review

Google Pixel 2  XL Camera Review

Let's get into the Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Review that can't do it about to come back up her because we were getting attacked by flies it was very annoying okay so we've got rear and front camera one camera on the front and only one on the back other Cameras do have this dual lens thing

going on like the other intent though

yeah front cam we've got Megapixels

and it's a . aperture and it's very

very wide you can see pretty much your

whole body if you're kind of holding

your arms length on the rear camera we

have a megapixel

aperture single lens and this camera is most very very

much to do with software it doesn't use

a second lens to zoom in it doesn't use

a second lens for the portrait mode and

so forth so it only uses one lens and a

lot of it is software other things you

need to know about this camera it can do

video obviously so we've got slow-motion

fps and FPS which can be

recorded in which is by

you can do k you can't do a k

which the could not see first of all

that I mean it's a phone I only really

used it once I did like one video with

the iPhone k it's not first about

that k is still good if you need a

backup k camera you know in this

situation way if that runs out battery

in the middle no way I can film on my

phone and still retain the k panorama


photosphere which is quite cool would

you take photos like this all around and

makes like a bubble thing which you can

navigate around the screen on your phone

portrait mode obviously they are

stickers three HDR modes so hit start

off hdr+

on pace TR + enhanced I see myself tend

to be using the hdr+ quite a lot HDR

advanced I don't tend to use that really

because I don't really like the really

really enhanced photos all it does it

kind of makes the sky really blue and

lifts up the shadows and if you're

taking like green grass it will make it

really green the situation where I would

use the H Advanced Mode hdr+ Advanced

Mode is in low-light it's really good

actually because if you take it this is

this camera is super good in low light

if you take it on the enhance mode it

just enhances everything in the four

rounds through up to the shadows and the

highlights and you get really really

nice low-light photos so I'd recommend

that if you're taking a lot of low-light

stuff but yeah I just keep it in the HDR

plus mode but the portrait mode you can

get like a beauty mode which kind of

smoothes out your face and stuff you can

use that on non portrait mode as well

when you flip the camera it does that

for you as well I tend to like

retouching my photos on my laptop anyway

so that is normally turned off turned on

is better you know it's just a fun

feature but sometimes it does smooth out

your face quite a lot and you dude it

like a like a doll like a mannequin so I

usually have that off but the portrait

mode is really good like I said earlier

you can have it as a arms length and you

can basically see you know your body

lights cut it's like cutting here at the

moment my arm till there yeah it's

really really good so what can I say

about this camera I mean I was very very

excited to use it when I said get out

the box into the first couple of photos

out this literally like just it's so

easy to use when you're in the camera

you can set it up and on this side it's

got the volume up and down and you can

just click away

it's incredibly fast on the often turn

the volume up and down was on this side

and yet to go reach over here if you if

you're right-handed took the photo of it

here for Ryan de people was so easy you

just click that I really really touched

that button to take the photo I always

use the volume up and down button and it

doesn't matter if you click up or down

you can take the photo as you see there

it's very very fast that's what I was

mentioning earlier in the video that

software plays a big role in this phone

because you don't have dual camera there

isn't kind of a zoom lens on the phone

or on the front facing camera it's just

one camera and all the back it's just

one camera as well so software plays a

big role as in when you zoom in it's

just a software and also with the

portrait mode it doesn't use a secondary

lens so that software again as well and

software against lens normally opted

I'll choose lens is actually real lens

but here the software works really

really well .

I've lined up some portrait

mode right now as you can see on the

offering I was experiencing where

around the edge of the subjects you know

the blur line wasn't really consistent

but on the pixel - I haven't seen yet

any light break in the line where the

blur ends or the blur starts it's just

seamless continuous all the way around

the subject really really good also it

takes two photos for you you can choose

to keep one and in the other it takes a

photo where it doesn't blow the

background and then you have a second on

the way it's the portrait mode I tried

this earlier in the park I'm taking the

lower of the photo so I'll throw these

up now and then through the video but

earlier in the park I tried to take

portrait photo of Hannah like a full

full-body photo but it didn't pick it up

so I think there is kind of a point

there where you have to be against the

subject probably about a meter or three

foot in front of the lens to get the

portrait mode so yeah actually might be

further than that what one of my off

meters or so I don't know but there is a

limit there when the phone knows is a

portrait mode on so on the off intent

when you take the photos only if you're

taking it in in bright sunlight you

always get this over exposure even

indoors actually when you when you can

see highlight on the subjects or

highlight in the sky or whatever it's

always on the other antenna always blow

it out but on this it's so consistent

maintaining the exposure even through

the trees and stuff you just won't get

any light

overexposure or kind of blowouts in our

highlights in the shadows as well it's

really really good so yeah pretty much

blown away with the camera I've got some

low light photos here which I'll throw

up again really really good you can even

see the nice dusk colors through there

for the sky I would say the zoom lacks a

bit of quality but because it's all in

one lens and when you zoom in you do get

you get seven times zoom and yeah it's

not that good in all modes I mean it's a

bit blurry there but then again anyone

using one lens

yeah we're just a normal focal length

it's really really good sharp

megapixels one point averages it's just

a stunning camera to use let's go into

the video then I've shot a few video

clips haven't done that many in the two

weeks I've had this phone but I can say

right now it is the most stabilized

video I've ever seen in a smartphone .

it's crazy it's not it's not kind of

stabilized where you get like the wobbly

effects but it this it's like literally

holding a camera on a gimbal it's that


again that is down to the very very good

software inside this phone as it said

and fps excellent video as I

said it doesn't do k but it does the

k I put a clip up of that as well

but yeah I can say very very good things

I can't really fault the video at the

moment it's so so good well only when

he's ruining it and then obviously cuz

you're using one lens it doesn't switch

to another lens like on dual cameras do

on the back of the smartphone but yeah

that's the only we're the only bit way

you'd use a bit quality is when you zoom

in on this phone

but everything else through the k is so

so good so easy to use literally use it

for anything and you know you're not

going to get Joey and jumpy video I've

never actually spirits anything better

than this camera in a smartphone I know

that's quite controversial and people

going to argue with me and start

throwing other brands here but compared

to the off in terms I've been using and


even though the often times got dual

cameras and it is very good for kind of

view on that extra length and is

actually using it at the lens and the

quality is there but this I think the

software kind of blows out the water

every time you're taking the photo on

like the normal focal length using the

lens and a normal focal length from the

iPhone this wins every single time

we've done have arranged through the

shadows and the highlights and it's

perfectly exposed every single time the

HDR mode is much better than iPhones as

well I think but yeah that is my force

on this phone and the camera tried to

throw up as many kind of sample shots as

I can but yeah I've taken a lot of

photos on this phone I have got the

-bit version I'll probably will be

using the Google photos just to store

them after I have maxed out this gig

photos ever taken does it say anything

they're taking I can't actually see how

many photos I've taken on this phone if

anyone knows how to actually see your

photo come in your gallery please

comment down below because I can't see

it anyway but he's saying I've taken .

gig so far of photos and video in two

weeks that is quite a lot I would say

yeah I reckon it's about nearly probably

a thousand photos so far but I can't see

any photo count for these it just

doesn't show anyway and yes I have

assistant turned on for photos so well

that means everyday it kind of makes me

like a little collage video which is

quite funny


I'll probably turn it off soon but it is

quite funny to see them come through and

if you take a lot of videos in the

snapchats and it snaps in if you save

snapchat to your camera roll

I'm it uses out as well and there's

quite there's been some funny ones so I

probably keep that on but yeah very cool

so yeah I will be using the camera so

much it's so good for kind of just snaps

I would say just casual snaps on the

home screen you can double tap or you

can wake the phone there's two options

on Android and the camera is in the

bottom right corner you can swipe up and

then you have the camera and you can use

the volley button like I said earlier to

take photo also if you're just on your

home screen like this double tap the

power button and it takes you straight

to the camera so yeah that's why it on

the camera I hope you enjoyed that but

yeah just a quick little insight to what

can do my thoughts on it and yeah it's

pretty much blow me away so guys if you

do want a one to two month phone review

on this do coming down below give me a

thumbs up if you want that and if you

haven't seen my unboxing video you can

go back and watch that also if you want

a comparison with the affluence and even

though they often tends gone it's not

with me anymore I still have all the

photos or the portrait mode photos so I

can go out with this or even with the

photos I've already and compare them to

the iPhone portrait mode camera so

yeah if you do on that thumbs up and

comment down below and yes guys I should

be making them soon hope you enjoyed the

article and I'll see you next one .

Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Review Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Review Reviewed by John Mack on November 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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