Hulken Bag Review

Hulken Bag Review

Hulken Bag Review

Single Large, Shiny Black) Grocery Shopping Bag With Stainless Steel Wheels

I bought the small size bag. I bought this originally to use going back and forth to the hospital to carry things in and out as my husband needed during his hospital stays. I can put his home pillow in this bag along with any home items he needs. I can also put my gadgets, computer and things I would use while at the hospital visiting. I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and found this bag so handy. I put everything in this bag and then just rolled it out to the garage to unload. If I had not had this bag I would have made several trips back and forth. Also this bag can carry some weight which was especially handy when I was rearranging my kitchen cabinets. This bag is very sturdy.


I live in Brooklyn and was very excited to get a Hulken bag after seeing ads for it on Instagram. I live two blocks away from the laundry and six away from the grocery store so it can be a haul to run errands for two people, especially as a pretty small person. Unfortunately, the Hulken bag did not live up to its hype, perhaps because the city streets are so uneven. I bought perhaps 30 lbs of groceries today and when I tried to lug it back, the bag kept wheeling away from me and swiveling towards the streets. 

Basically, I had to drag it along my right side, taking up almost the entire street and had to profusely apologize as I tried to maneuver it through crowds of people. It might be practical for short trips on level ground but I think it's not really optimized for actually getting through a few blocks of the city as dragging it along is pretty uncomfortable.

Hulken Bag Review Hulken Bag Review Reviewed by John Mack on November 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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